Let us be the boost you need

Boost Society connects a network of global content creators and influencers with top-tier brands and their customers. Let us connect you with the right influencers to get your brand in front of the right audience.

Talent Management

We provide global talent management for a large roster of talent. We offer specific influencer created tactics to help grow their brand. Inbound and outbound email handling, brand partnerships and contract negotiations, social strategies, industry knowledge, and invoicing, are just some of the services we offer to our talent.

Brand and Business Development

Creating and developing long term plans helping individuals and brands grow. Consulting with an A to Z approach to guarantee support across the entire process.

Brand Assessment and Positioning

Deep dive on brand’s current positioning, identity and consumer awareness. Develop brand goals and KPI’s to determine the most effective marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Digital, social, influencer and product marketing strategies to be developed to ensure KPI’s and goals are met. Using campaign development, influencer partnerships, content creation, capsule collections, speaking engagements and events.

Content Engagement and Awareness Measures

Reports providing data and insights on engagement, awareness, views etc. to be provided throughout the campaign.

Post Mortem Report

This report provides holistic information on the success of the strategy executed against brand goals and KPI’s. This report will also analyze areas of success and areas of improvement to ensure continuous growth and brand development.