About us

What are we all about?

Boost Society was founded by Josh Watson – a millennial entrepreneur who has found interest in the way marketing and advertising has shifted to being heavily broadcasted via all social streams. Josh & the rest of Boost Society truly believe in the mantra “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”. Through working with influencers and brands the Boost Society team has found what they love.

We aim to create a society that deeply supports influencers’ endeavors and personal goals. We provide personalized care for all members, understanding no two people are the same and the one-sized-fits-all approach won’t work in this industry.

We want to switch up the norm and build a worldwide community that is constantly BOOSTING each other up – an infinite amount of energy that gives every person the fuel they need to be the best they can.

What our talent say about us

Boost Society works with talented individuals from all over the world and we pride ourselves on making them feel supported and protected by our agency.

  • “Josh and the Boost Society team are like my guardian angels. I had always been on the fence about having a manager because I was so possessive of my work. But after having the initial conversation with Josh, I knew that this was going to be a spectacular relationship. He has helped me to find my value in my work, keep me organized, and has allowed me to focus more on content creation and getting time back in my day so that I can spend it with my family and explore new avenues in my business. 
    He and the team are there whenever I need them and have been the backing behind all of the things that I do. If I need to bounce ideas off of someone, he’s there. Not sure about a brand deal, he’s giving me the guidance. Just need to vent about the frustrations of social media, he’s there to listen. Best choice ever. “


    Iesha Vincent
  • “New clients of Boost Society and have already been massively impressed and pleased with our decision to sign. First off, the Boost team taught us how to fix our media kit for maximum return.

    Our media kit originally said $1500 for 1 Tiktok & a repost of that video to Reels. Boost Society negotiated $2250 for a Tiktok/Reel! They secured $750 more than we would have & managed all communication/negotiations with the brand. After paying Boost Society their commission, we still made $300 more than we would have without their expertise. We are so glad that after looking at 5 agencies, we went with Boost Society!”


    Jenna & Kallie
  • “What can I say…Josh is amazing. I’m not sure I could phone anyone else in the middle of the night to chat through an important business decisions. He has always made himself happily available, even when I am based in Australia & we are challenged with opposite time zones. Josh is an incredibly professional, thorough, hardworking human being that I’m so lucky now to call a friend. You can’t go wrong with Boost Society!”


    Sarah Royall
  • “Josh at Boost Society has been so helpful with my online business as a social media creator over the past year. Since joining the team, Josh has gone above and beyond to ensure I work with the best clients & that they offer a fair budget. He also is extremely thorough with every contract and is always extremely helpful with clients requests during & before work trips. Let’s just say my life is SO much easier having Boost Society behind me and needless to say the team feels like family. :)”


    Hayley Andersen
  • “I am so grateful for Boost Society. Josh’s attention to detail, knowledge of the industry and willingness to chat whenever I have a question about a collaboration is really unparalleled in my experience. His attentiveness to each of the creators Boost Society represents speaks volumes and I love being a part of the Boost family!”


    Hannah Rheaume
  • “I’ve been a part of Boost Society since March 2018. At first, I was very hesitant because I feared that by adding people to my team, I would lose control and connection with the brand I work with. In fact, it was the exact opposite! Being a part of this community really feels like being a part of a tight-knit family. There is always open communication and my clients are always responded to professionally and in a timely manner. Josh is so fast he often responds back to my emails faster than I’m able to and has been a huge asset, which has allowed me to focus my time more on the creative process and travel.”


    Lisa Homsy

This was our first team trip. We went to Egypt...with 8 Influencers, 1 videographer and a manager.

See how it went!

Egypt 2019

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