Creating Infinite Possibilities
For Creators & Brands

Boost Society connects a network of global content creators and influencers to top-tier brands and their customers.


Our goal is to make every content creator
feel supported – by us, brands & other content creators within our society.

Meet Our Talent

Everyone of them is unique in their own way. They range in size, location, following, and socials they work within. Go check them out and see why we think they are so amazing.

How Are We Different? Because we want you to…

  • Be Real

    Show your genuine self in all aspects of life.

  • Own Your Brand

    You are you for a reason.

  • Ooze Confidence

    If you believe in yourself, others will follow.

  • Support One Another

    Think community-not competition.

  • Take Chances On People & Ideas

    You never know what could happen.

Ways to Work With Us

Talent Management

We'll help you grow your brand through inbound and outbound email handling, brand partnerships and contract negotiations, social strategies, industry knowledge, and invoicing. We know exactly what you need to get you to your goals and more.


We come on board as a consultant focusing on how brands can work better with creators. Whether that be how to communicate with them, what they are looking for in brand partners, or how brands can start to unleash the true power of content creators.


Josh and the Boost Society team are like my guardian angels.


Lesha Vincent

I had always been on the fence about having a manager because I was so possessive of my work. But after having the initial conversation with Josh, I knew that this was going to be a spectacular relationship. He has helped me to find my value in my work, keep me organized, and has allowed me to focus more on content creation and getting time back in my day so that I can spend it with my family and explore new avenues in my business. 
He and the team are there whenever I need them and have been the backing behind all of the things that I do. If I need to bounce ideas off of someone, he’s there. Not sure about a brand deal, he’s giving me the guidance. Just need to vent about the frustrations of social media, he’s there to listen. Best choice ever.

Boost Society works with talented individuals from all over the world and we pride ourselves on making them feel supported and protected by our agency. 

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