Influencer Interviews: Tips for Influencer Couples Working Together with @haylsa & @kyle_hunter

We are chatting with Hayley Andersen and Kyle Hunter, otherwise known as @haylsa and @kyle_hunter on Instagram. There are a lot more couples working together at home right now, and they are sharing their experiences working together.

Influencer interview with @haylsa and @kyle_hunter with tips for influencer couples working together

Welcome back to Influencer Interviews! Last week we took a break to talk about what influencer and bloggers should be working on while stuck at home. This week we are getting back to our influencer interview series. We are chatting with Hayley Andersen and Kyle Hunter, otherwise known as @haylsa and @kyle_hunter on Instagram. There are a lot more couples working together at home right now, and they are sharing their experiences working together.

Hayley and Kyle are two incredible creators who both have separate accounts but heavily rely on the other everyday when it comes to creating content and working. We are excited that they are here to share with everyone what it is like for influencer couples working together long term.

Travel influencer couple Hayley Anderson, @haylsa, and Kyle Hunter, @kyle_hunter in a lupin field in New Zealand

Tell me a little bit about yourself, why you became an influencer and how you found your own voice in the saturated influencer world?

We are Hayls and Kyle, and we are both travel photographers from the Gold Coast, Australia. We both started travelling five years ago. We sold all our stuff and moved to Europe. We then bought a van in Scotland and traveled for 2 years in it covering every country in Europe. We haven’t looked back since! 

Originally we didn’t plan on doing this job. We just started taking photos on our travels and slowly over time our followings grew. Then we started getting emails from brands to work for them. We now work together full time, have our own company and have worked with many tourism boards, airlines, brands and hotels.

@haylsa and @kyle_hunter in Balat, Turkey

What do you wish someone told you before becoming an influencer?

Comparison can ruin confidence, so don’t compare yourself with others. Go at your own pace and don’t scroll the gram too much! 

What is it like working with your partner everyday?

Working and living with your partner everyday can of course be at times challenging, but it is also super rewarding to create a life we both love together and experience such epic moments!

Hayley Anderson of @haylsa

Is there ever a competitiveness to your relationship because both of you are creators?

Not really. To be honest, we both have different styles so it’s cool. Sometimes if we both take a photo that we loovvee, there can be a slight disagreement on who gets to post, but for the most it’s all good.

What are the pros and cons of working with your partner?

The pros are that you get to experience such amazing things together, you grow as people, and you get to travel all over the world together. 

The cons are never being able to switch off and mixing business with pleasure.

Kyle Hunter of @kyle_hunter

How does the creative process work with two people making the decisions? Or do you keep it separated for your own accounts and creative process?

We always ask each other opinions for advice when taking photos and through the editing process. Ultimately we each decide what’s on our own accounts. It is always good to have each other there to help with a different angle as we both have our own styles of photography and editing.

Tell us your favorite thing about taking on this business with a partner.

The best thing about working with your partner is that you can both build your business together and work towards the same goal which will ultimately create a better life for us. We love working together. Although we might not always see eye to eye, the good outweighs the bad everyday of the week. We are both very blessed that we can share this life together, and we wouldn’t change that for the world.

Hayley Anderson and Kyle Hunter of @haylsa and @kyle_hunter


I want to personally thank Hayley and Kyle for taking the time to share their story and a little peek inside their life of working together. Please go give them a follow at @haylsa and @kyle_hunter. Hopefully you have learned a bit of what the process is like being an influencer and running your business while working with your partner.

Comment below if you already work with your partner on how it is going or if you are on the fence of joining forces!

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