TikTok for Influencers: Why You Need to Be on TikTok

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I’m sure by now you have all heard of TikTok. Many of you may be on it. Some of you may still be thinking it is a fad that will be gone soon. Some of you are probably waiting to see if Instagram comes out with a similar feature like they did with Snapchat.

But…would you still be waiting if I told you that you could grow your engagement by 8% with TikTok? I know you’ve heard about TikTok being used for prank videos, people dancing, and lip syncing, and that it is for the Gen Z kids.

Well, you are right. Just because this is where the app began does not mean this is where it will end. What do you think happened with Instagram when everyone was still on Facebook? Then it was just a photo editing app where you could share your highly filtered photos.

TikTok is already changing as businesses become a part of it. TikTok for influencers can be a powerful way to reach a new audience with your brand. In other words, don’t make a hasty decision to ignore TikTok. I know a lot of the Boost Society team has finally decided to give it a try and a few have even given it as much time as they do Instagram. Let’s break down the benefits of using TikTok for influencers and why YESTERDAY was the time to get on it.

TikTok is a powerful way to reach a new audience and build your brand.

TikTok Has Higher Engagement

Here is where the 8% engagement rate from earlier comes in. For followings between 100K and 200K on Instagram, the engagement rate is below 2% on average. On TikTok, it is at around 8%!

Just the difference in engagement should excite you, especially if you are frustrated with the Instagram algorithm. Not only is the engagement higher, but the organic reach is still through the roof on TikTok!

While Instagram and Facebook are slowly decreasing your organic reach, TikTok is a place you don’t have to pay for ads to get a bigger reach. This gives you the ability to get your content in front of a ton of eyes.

TikTok has much higher organic reach and organic engagement than Instagram

With the influencers on our roster, we have been pushing TikTok for a while (we originally published a post about this in November 2019). Let me share an example of the kind of reach and growth that one of them, Hayley from @haylsa, has seen on TikTok.

Hayley decided to give TikTok a go, and she shared a BTS (behind the scenes) of some of their photos on Instagram. Within four days, they had over 10K followers and two videos that were seen over 500K times.

She’s now at 50K followers and has had several videos get in the MILLIONS of views. Make sure to check her out on TikTok and give her a follow.

I’m not saying this will be the case for everyone. This does show however what is possible if you take a chance though. Hayley had never used TikTok before, took a stab in the dark, found a unique way to deliver content (which was interesting content as well), and reached a brand new audience.

Tiktok for influencers is a way to deliver unique content that adds value to a new audience

Use TikTok to Drive to Your Other Channels

Another benefit of TikTok also comes from Hayley’s experience. You can use TikTok to drive more people to your Instagram, YouTube, or blog.

Hayley used her awesome BTS content to drive people to their Instagram to see the final product. This led to 2.5K new followers in the first couple of months on their Instagram account and countless DMs about how they found Hayley on TikTok.

There is so much value in the unknown, but if you never step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, you will never know what is possible. Growing on social media and becoming a full-time influencer means taking risks and getting outside of your comfort zone, so go for it!

TikTok for influencers is a way to send a new audience to your Instagram, YouTube, or blog

Reach a New Audience

Now to kill the statement that TikTok is only for the younger generation. One, so what?! That is a whole new market for you to explore, so go for it! Show Gen-Z why you are so special!

Yes, it currently is heavily used by the younger generation because they tend to catch on to trending things and topics faster than other generations. Just because it was mostly younger viewers originally does not mean it will still be in 3 to 6 months. Even now it is already catching on with other generations way more than it was when I originally jumped on there.

Get on TikTok now and take advantage of all of its benefits before everyone jumps on board and the competition level is much higher. Create unique and eye grabbing content, and I can guarantee that TikTok will benefit your business and help you grow your audience while also providing them value.

Tiktok for influencers is a new audience to include in your media kit for brand collaborations

Why You Need to Be on TikTok Now

In the end, I am not saying to put all of your eggs in the TikTok basket because it is “the next big thing”. Instead, dabble in it, try it out, and make it another weapon in your arsenal of epic content.

If in 6 months of giving it your all, you have seen no value in terms of stats coming from TikTok, then at least you gave it a try and broke out of your comfort zone. Even though I recommend you continue with it for the longterm.

Even if your core audience is over the age of 30 with kids, use TikTok as another medium in which you can now connect with the kids of your usual audience (plus, your usual audience is probably starting to use TikTok too now). Plus, having a new audience gives you extra value for brands looking to hit that family or younger generation market.

Even if TikTok dies in 3 years (which is probably won’t) and does not reach its full potential, you will still have learned and gained so much for your business that it will all be worth it.

Even if TikTok dies, you still will have learned new skills and gained a new audience

Think about people such as Kim Kardashian or Christian Ronaldo. Yes, they are celebrities, but they are also some of the first true Instagram influencers who took the app by storm. Even if Instagram were to end tomorrow, they would both have gained something from being on the platform and engaging with their audience. TikTok could be the same way.

Be adaptive and curious. Have an idea, create it, share it, and see what happens!

Be adaptive and curious. Have an idea, create it, share it, and see what happens.

Comment below with your thoughts on TikTok or how you have been using it! Let me know how you are winning and what you are doing to stand out. Also, leave your TikTok username so our community can come check you out!

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