How to Organize & Stay on Top of Brand Collaborations as an Influencer or Content Creator

How to Organize Your Brand Collaborations to Stay on Top of Them

Organizing brand deals can get overwhelming. How do you keep track of which deals you’ve heard back from, which ones you need to follow up on and which ones are due when?

We previously shared our favorite apps for influencers and content creators, but now we are laying out how we use them in our process to keep things organized for our clients. You can use this same system to keep your own brand deals organized or can tweak it to meet your needs.

Pitching & Negotiating

During pitching and negotiation, you can keep everything in your inbox. By using Streak, a Gmail plugin that organizes your inbox, you can easily keep track of where each collaboration is in the process.

Once you’ve created your labels, you can put emails into the right step in the process. Know which emails you are waiting to hear back on, which ones are in negotiation, which ones are signed deals, and which ones are awaiting payment.

Streak also pulls all the contacts from that chain of emails and all the attachments, making it easy to find contracts and other attachments shared between you and the brand or PR agency.

Some influencers like to also use a spreadsheet to keep track of brands to pitch, when they last pitched the brand, what the terms of the collaboration were, etc. Streak is a way to help keep track of this information or to go back and pull this information later.

Best apps for content creators includes free gmail extension streak
Categories for Streak

Contract Signed

Once the contract is signed, you’ll want to continue using Streak but add in Click-Up. If you’ve already been using Click-Up, you’ll already have your labels and folders set up. If this is your first time, you can find out more about how we use Click-Up for brand deals here.

We label our To Do list with Content Creation, Waiting Approval, Approved/Ready to Post (with a reminder for the day it is set to go live), and Waiting for Payment (with reminders for just before and just after the due date if needed).

You can also use the Click-Up Chrome extension to link the emails to the task. This allows you to pull the contract into Click-Up for easy reference throughout the collaboration.

Putting the partnership into Click-Up helps you remember when everything is due and also helps you keep track of deals as well as prioritize. In busier times of the year with multiple contracts, you don’t want to let anything slip through the cracks. Sometimes you are signing a long term deal or a deal for later in the year (or even the next year), so this helps you remember even months later what all you need to do.

Categories in click up, one of the best apps for influencers
Categories in Click-Up

Content Creation + Approval

When you are ready to start creating content during the trip or once you’ve received the products, you’ll want to continue using Streak and Click-Up, but now you’ll also add in Google Drive.

Google Drive is one of the easiest ways to organize and share your content. Once you’ve got the content created and edited, Google Drive lets you give the brand access as well as revoke access later if needed.

We organize folders this way:
Year > Brand + Month/Year > Type of Content (Instagram Posts/Instagram Stories/Images/Blog Post) > More Specific Type of Content (Instagram Posts/Instagram Captions)

For example, for a deal with Amazon, our structure might look like this:
2020 > Amazon 11/2020 > Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories
Instagram Posts > Captions, Images, Insights

Once the content is all approved and posted, you can easily go back and upload any screenshots of insights required by the brand. If you have extra images you want to offer for purchase, you can also upload them to a folder for the brand to choose from (or let them choose images for the ones you owe them if content creation is part of the deal and not just social posts).

Google Drive makes it easy for brands to give feedback as well. Some brands are more laid back and others will have lots of edits, especially for captions and blog posts. Instead of going back and forth over email, sharing the folder with a Google Doc with your captions and blog post allows them to leave comments or make changes easily.

If it’s been a while since the collaboration happened or once the contract is closed out, you could always go in and change permissions to the folders later to make it so that only you have access to the images and documents again.

Google Drive organization for brand collaborations
Example of Google Drive folder structure

Getting Paid

Throughout the entire process, you’ll want to continue using Streak to keep track of your communication and to keep track of where you are in the process. Now that the work is done and you’ve completed your end of the contract, it is time to get paid.

Our favorite app for invoicing is Wave App. Wave lets us send out invoices and also keeps track of payments for taxes. You can also use the Receipts app to track your expenses related to your business.

Wave is great because you can give your manager or bookkeeper editor access. Having access lets me send invoices and reminders on behalf of our influencers to take that off of their plate.

Depending on the deal and the amount you were paid (and other factors related to location), you may also be asked to fill out a W-9 form. This is a form commonly used in the USA for contractors who make more than $600 from a business in a year. It provides your tax information to the business so they can send you a 1099 form at the end of the year for reporting the income to the US government.

Once payment is received, you can close out the last task in Click-Up and mark the emails as paid or completed. Decide based on the terms of the deal when or if you want to change permissions on the Google Drive folder. Then it’s time to start the process all over again or to focus on other partnerships already in progress.

Wave is one of the best apps for content creators for invoicing
Wave Apps we suggest using


Hopefully this helps you see our process for staying organized when working with brands. With our team bringing in steady work, it can quickly get overwhelming to keep track of emails and due dates. This system has worked for us, but we are always looking for new tools to streamline even further. What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized with brand deals and partnerships?

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