Best Apps for Content Creators & Influencers to Run Their Businesses

best apps for content creators

As an influencer or content creator, it can be hard to organize your business. You know all the apps for editing and for social media, but what about the best apps for content creators who are trying to organize their businesses? What about the best apps for influencers who are struggling to keep their collabs organized?

That’s where Boost Society comes in. As talent and influencer managers, we regularly are on the business side of the Influencer business. We free up time for our influencers and content creators to focus on doing what they do best: creating.

Now we are sharing with you the apps we use and recommend for other content creators and influencers who are running their own small business.

Best Apps for Organization

Organizing yourself is one of the hardest parts of running your own business and being your own boss, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some great apps out there to help with this, and these are our favorites!

Click Up: Task Management

Click Up is our go to for task management and even for organizing brand collabs for our influencers. There are other similar programs and apps out there, so if you are already using another one, they all do very similar things.

We love Click Up for keeping track of brand collabs. You can set up your folders and customize your labels any way you want. Once a contract is signed, we input the information into Click Up.

For us, the best way to organize it is in the stages of the collaboration. We have the to do list labels as Content Creation, Waiting Approval, Approved/Ready to Post (with a reminder set for the day it is supposed to go live), and Waiting for Payment (with reminders to follow up just before and just after the due date if it is not paid still).

The best part is that you can create your own labels for your own process. Several on the Boost team use Click Up for organizing tasks for the blog or social media because it’s easy to put in the tasks and due dates and to see an overview of all your tasks coming up or just the tasks due this week.

If you are growing your business and have a team, you can also easily assign tasks and check in with your team through Click Up. Easily add directions, attach emails (and contracts for collabs), attach docs and spreadsheets, and so much more. Plus you can comment and tag your team when you need to communicate about a task all within Click Up.

Click Up is available through their website on desktop, but there is also an app to easily check things off and see what is coming up when you are traveling or on the move.

Categories in click up, one of the best apps for influencers

MailTrack Pro: Tracking Emails

MailTrack Pro is a game changer for collabs. You sent out 10 pitches and hear back from one or two. What about the others? Did they read your email? Did they read it just once or multiple times? Did they click the link to your media kit?

With MailTrack Pro, you don’t have to wonder about any of this anymore. You get an alert when they’ve read your email or clicked a link. You can also see if the email was opened a lot of times in a short time period, sometimes indicating that they forwarded it.

This all helps you know more for following up with pitches. If they read it a lot of times, they may be interested and forgot to reply. If they never read it, maybe bumping it back up in their inbox will help.

Once the partnership is established, it’s also helpful for knowing when your emails have been read. For example, if your invoice was due on the 15th and wasn’t paid, you can send an email reminder and know if it was read or not. It takes out the guessing and wondering about when your emails have read, and that can be a huge help when it comes to communicating.

Email alert from mailtrack pro, one of the best apps for content creators

Streak: Organize Your Inbox

Streak is a Gmail plugin that is basically Click Up for your inbox. If you get lots of emails between ads, email lists, and your actual communication, Streak is a great way to keep yourself organized.

In Click Up you organize your tasks and can put them into labels so you know which step of the process they are in. Streak does the same with your inbox.

Create your labels, and you can easily find emails that you’ve sent to pitch, emails that are part of negotiations, emails that are signed deals and in content creation, and emails for projects that are awaiting payments. With Streak, it’s easy for us to keep track of which brands we are communicating with, what stage each collab is in, which influencer that collab is attached to, when the last communication was, and when we need to follow up on something.

Best apps for content creators includes free gmail extension streak

Calendly: Booking Calls

If you’ve read our two recent interviews with Pura Vida and Collectively, both of them talked about how they like to get on a call with influencers to get to know them. Calendly is a great way to organize those calls.

With Calendly, you can integrate it with your calendar and send a link for anyone to book a call with you. Instead of doing the back and forth about what time works best and figuring out time zones, you can send them a link with your availability and then they can pick a time that works for them.

You can set your availability for different types of calls, set it so that calls can’t be booked within 24 hours (so you can plan out your day ahead of time), and it will automatically update your availability based on events you put on your calendar.

Calendly is a great app for influencers to schedule calls

Zoom: Set Up & Record Calls

Once someone has booked a call with you, you need an easy way to have that call. Zoom had a big year in 2020 with everyone working from home, but it has great uses for content creators and influencers too.

Instead of just communicating with brands and PR agencies over email, setting up a call is a great way to show your passion and enthusiasm. Plus, there are features in Zoom that an set you apart from others going for the same partnership.

One feature you can use is the screen share. Set up a pitch deck or a presentation to go over mood boards and what you are thinking for working with that brand. Record the call so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something that was said later. Yes, you could take notes during the call, but it’s better to be fully present and then take notes watching it again later.

Google Products: Best All-Around System

You really can’t go wrong with Google products. We strongly suggest the following Google products for your business:


You can use Gmail and attach your blog email to it or use G-Suite, but Gmail is the best when it comes to email services. Plus, you’ve got tools like Streak that easily integrate to make it even better.


Google Drive is a great way to keep yourself organized and to share with brands. Create a folder for each year. Inside each year, create a folder for each brand. Inside the brand folders, create a folder for each collab (if you might work with them more than once that year).

Then inside each collab folder you can create folders for images, Instagram posts, stories, etc. Inside each folder, upload anything the brand needs to approve for easy approval. Plus, they can add notes for changes to be made to captions, etc. For images you are providing, you can easily give them choices of which images they want and offer additional images for purchase as well.

Google Drive organization for brand collaborations


If brand collaborations are part of your business, you’re going to be signing and sending contracts. In the digital age, you need a way to sign digitally and to send documents for digital signatures.

If a brand sends you a contract, upload it and sign it with Digisigner. If a brand doesn’t have a contract, you should have a template you can use to create and send one to them that outlines the terms. Again, you can upload, sign and send with Digisigner.

There are lots of other options out there for free e-signatures, but this is the one we have been using the most lately.

Apps for Invoicing & Finances

As your business grows and you get more and more paid collabs, you’ll need apps to help with that side of the business as well. Even if you only do a few collabs a year, these apps make it easier to track, receive payments, and make payments to your team.

Wave App

Wave App just recently changed to be for US and Canadian users only, but if you already have the app (or get it before the change goes into effect), you are grandfathered in.

Wave is one of my favorite apps out there. It’s great for invoicing, sending emails with auto reminders, keeping track of finances for taxes, and giving access to your manager and/or bookkeeper. You can even add your logo and branding to the invoices to make it more professional.

In addition to the online platform, there are two apps for Wave: Invoice & Receipts. One is for invoicing and the other is for receipts. If you’re like me and can’t keep track of receipts (especially for anyone who needs to save receipts while traveling), this app lets you take a picture of the receipt for tax purposes and then throw it away.

I love Wave because our influencers can give me access to send invoices on their behalf. It’s easy to add payment information at the bottom of the invoice so brands know exactly how/where to pay. It also sends auto reminders before and after the due dates, so I don’t have to remember to follow up unless it gets past that point.

At the end of the year, it is really easy to pull your income and receipts for tax purposes. Instead of digging back through emails and contracts, you can keep everything in one place. If you use an accountant or bookkeeper, you can share it with them.

Wave is one of the best apps for content creators for invoicing

Transferwise: Payments Around the World

Depending on where you are based, you have more or less options for receiving payments. If you are based in the US and working with US brands, you can use PayPal and Venmo. If either you or the brand is outside of the US, there aren’t as many options.

One of the best options is Transferwise. With Transferwise, you can set up bank accounts for different currencies. If you are based in Australia for example, you can have a US bank account which saves you/the brand on fees. You can also receive US funds to Paypal and then put it through Transferwise to save on the conversion fees. Instead of some of the outrageous fees out there, Transferwise does the conversation at Google fees.

Other Apps for Content Creators & Influencers

In addition to these apps for organization and invoicing, there are a couple of other apps we highly recommend for influencers and content creators.

Ninjalitics: Track Your Growth

Ninjalitics is great for tracking your own stats as well as looking at other influencers within your niche that are about the same size. You can see which hashtags they are using and see their engagement rate, but you can really dig into your own stats.

Dig into how long you’ve been growing or losing followers, your content, your hashtags, etc. It can be easy to see the daily back and forth with followers gained and lost and lose track of your overall trends. Ninjalitics lets you look at your trends on a bigger scale.

Ninjalitics example

Canva: Create Your Media Kit & Graphics

While we aren’t going into many creative apps like Lightroom, we do need to mention Canva. Canva is great for creating media kits, graphics for social media, even invoices. 

There are tons of free templates you can use if you aren’t sure where to start, but you also have complete creative control to start from scratch or make changes to the templates.


Hopefully these apps will help you get organized and be able to run your business more smoothly. Which of these apps are your favorite? Are there any we missed?

Looking for a coach to help you learn more about the business side of being an influencer? Boost Society now offers business and Influencer coaching in a one-on-one setting. If you are interested in learning more (or need help getting yourself and your business organized), contact Boost Society here and tell us a little bit about yourself and your coaching needs. 

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